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6 reasons why you need a second wedding photographer

Second wedding photographer? I understand. Having to decide on one is already a challenge and this probably sounds even more complicated! But don’t worry, I am here to make things simple and help you decide whether you need a second photographer at your wedding.

Having one wedding photographer means investing in beautiful coverage of your epic day, but booking a second will be a great way to have everything covered – down to the last detail. Look at it as having an extra set of eyes, hands, legs, everything! While your primary professional covers one part, the second will shoot other events that happen in the meanwhile. This means that there won’t be any running around from one spot to the other. Plus, more happenings covered = more photos of your big day! Neat, right? Let’s have a look at the other advantages:

1. Wedding preparations

You and your partner will get ready in different rooms surrounded by your favourite people. Ok, that might be possible for one photographer to cover, but what if one of you gets ready at the venue and the other one at home and let's say they are a half-hour drive away from each other? Your photographer could get stuck in traffic, would you like to risk that?

So, what could be better than having two professionals covering these two events? It will provide more time for shooting priceless moments and focusing on all the details. One wedding photographer can stay with you while the other captures the vibe of your partner and everyone can be relaxed and no one can get stuck in traffic :)

2. The ceremony!

Sure, the first one will cover all those iconic moments, the vows, happy tears and saying “I do” but what about the bigger picture? Or should I say, getting wide shots from behind instead of having just one manoeuvre all happenings? Plus, the second photographer at your wedding can capture all those priceless reactions of your guests. I bet you would love to look back on those moments too!

3. Group shots

Let’s face it, this is the least favourite moment that every couple faces. That is mainly because you need to round up everyone for the group photos! But having a second shooter may help you with this quest. Not only will all your family and friends be ready, but the photography will go as smoothly as possible! In this way, you will finish early and have enough time for your couple portrait session.

4. Couple portrait session

Usually, during these sessions, the second shooter acts like an assistant to the main photographer.

This means for example blocking harsh sunlight with a diffuser or holding an off-camera flash or helping out with the veil in order to capture some truly unique images while saving time.

5. Entry and speeches

After you’ve tied the knot, it is time to enter in epic fashion and delight your guests! While the first wedding photographer focuses on you, the second will capture the reactions of everyone present.

When it comes to the speeches, you would want every emotion to be covered. Some might be funny, other members might cringe, and your reactions will be priceless. So, why not have a second photographer at your wedding that will help in capturing every possible reaction?

6. The reception

Okay, this is especially vital if you are celebrating in a big venue. Believe me, your wedding photographer will want to be at all places at once, but that is simply not possible unless they run around like a ninja between your guests. In order to have everything covered, you will definitely need a second shooter. One can be present on the dancefloor, and the other can capture the reactions of everyone else.

To be completely honest, I’ve done many weddings alone and it is no problem to cover what is essential, but I also think it is better to have a second wedding photographer – you will get plenty more memories of your big day! After all, the pictures will be all you have left of your celebration, so why not have your story captured to the fullest?

To discover more about my services, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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