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Why is it an awesome idea to do a pre-wedding session?

For me personally, this is an awesome opportunity for multiple reasons. Honestly, I can speak the whole day about why pre-wedding sessions have my heart. The main reason is that I get to know more about my couples, their love story, their unique characters and then, create amazing photos that reflect all of that. In fact, I think that these sessions are a wonderful addition to your wedding photography for multiple reasons. Here’s why:

1. Practice makes perfect

“Who doesn’t want to look iconic with some practical tricks under your sleeve?

Nothing like having a pro session with your photographer. Regardless of whether it is an engagement shoot or a pre-wedding session (which in some cases can be the same thing), getting the hang out of several poses will prove to be beneficial for the big moment. Of course, I am talking about the essentials – I document most of the moments in a documentary fashion. Still, who doesn’t want to look iconic with some practical tricks under your sleeve? This practice will be perfect for that intimate session when you get to sneak out of the wedding with your photographer.

2. More intimate time with your partner is always a plus

Let’s face it, wedding planning is exhausting. Instead of being overwhelmed, let go of all the worries and give yourself the liberty to enjoy some quality time together. Having a pre-wedding session will allow you to unwind, relax, and even throw caution to the wind! Surrender to fun, laughter, running around, kissing one another, whatever feels right. It will be like a date and a way to nurture your relationship.

3. Beautiful unique keepsakes

The engaged period is special and should be savoured to the fullest!

Not only will you have more photos of your love story, but you can also frame them in your home. Plus, they can serve as a perfect addition to your save the dates, signing boards, guest book, and whatever you like. The engaged period is special and should be savoured to the fullest!

4. Getting to know your photographer better

You will have a unique experience with your photographer. In this way, you will get to spend some fun moments, learn more about them, their approach and be more relaxed in their presence. This will play a major role in your big day, as you already are comfortable with your chosen professional. If you have done a pre-wedding session, you can expect the photos of your celebration to look even more amazing!

5. You will have fun!

Pre-wedding sessions are stress-free and fun shoots that will leave you even more excited about celebrating your love. As you will already be relieved about having experience with photography, you won’t worry so much about it when the day comes.

Because I love doing pre-wedding shoots, and think they are amazingly useful; I have included them in all of my wedding photography packages! Contact me to learn more about my services. In the meantime, feel free to download my pre-wedding guide and have a look at my pre-wedding photos!

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