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How to find the right Wedding Dress for you

This is the most exciting part of your wedding planning! You have probably dreamt about wearing the perfect bridal gown before you even got engaged. And now, it is finally happening, so you need to make sure to find a wedding dress that will completely reflect your wishes. How to do that? Take a look at my tips which will prove to be of great help!

1. Begin with your search early

Even 12 months is perfect as many couture and designer bridal gowns require time to be tailored to your preferences.

The optimal time to start is at least 9 months before your big day. Even 12 months is perfect as many couture and designer bridal gowns require time to be tailored to your preferences. This is especially vital if you wish some custom work to be done – additional lace, beading, etc. Plus, this will allow extra time if you need alterations.

2. Take into account your size and silhouette

Discover which silhouettes would be most suitable for your body type and weight "

If you wish to look absolutely stunning in your bridal photos, you need to choose a design that will be perfect for your body shape. Discover which silhouettes would be most suitable for your body type and weight. It is amazing how this simple tip can help you navigate your way more easily and narrow down some options. Even if you are planning to lose some weight, it is best to shop true to size and do alterations later.

3. Set a wedding dress budget

Nowadays, you can find a wedding dress for almost every budget. You only need to decide how much you are willing to spend on it. However, have in mind that you also need to calculate the shipping, tax, alterations, and other minor expenses.

Bonus tip: Want to save? Train your eye for off-the-rack offers and amazing discounts during sample sales!

4. Source inspiration on Pinterest

Open a private board on Pinterest and collect the best inspiration. Among all the pins, you will notice a pattern – you clearly like some styles more than others so this will also help you define your preferences! May it be in terms of fabrics or silhouettes, you will find a wedding dress more easily when you look at your board.

5. Visit a bridal dress studio on weekdays

The reason behind it is simple – during weekdays, the bridal stores are not so crowded, so their stylists will pay more attention to your needs.

6. Make sure to find a wedding dress that reflects your own style

Many people will want to have their say in the matter, but you need to remember that the bridal gown should feel right only for you. After all, YOU are the one walking down the aisle. That being said, you have the only and final word.

7. Match the style of the dress with the style of the venue

To get the best of your bridal photos, make sure the dress and venue channel a cohesive theme. For example, if you are hosting your big day in a historical and romantic mansion, find a wedding dress that can perfectly complement the ambience. Just imagine, the backdrops working so beautifully with the perfect bridal gown design, a dream!

Need more inspiration to find a wedding dress? Feel free to browse through some of my bridal portraits! If you haven’t found the right wedding photographer who could capture beautiful portraits of you don’t hesitate to contact me for a friendly chat.

First Image

Wedding dresses: Fross Wedding Collections

Second image

Wedding venue: Folkington Manor

Hair and Makeup: Nikki and Stacey

Wedding dress: Frock Uk bridal

Third image

Wedding venue: Herstmonceux Castle

Hair and Makeup: The Beauty Ninjas

Wedding dress: The Bridal Boutique Hastings

Fourth image

Wedding venue: The View Hotel Eastbourne

Hair and Makeup: Chloe Campbell

Wedding dress: Fross Wedding Collections

Bridal bouquet: Flowers of Eastbourne

Fifth image

Wedding venue: Highley Manor

Wedding dress: Fross Wedding Collections



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