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Madeline and Tom's Magical Pilgrims Rest Battle Wedding Tale

Step into Madeline and Tom's enchanting Pilgrims Rest Battle wedding journey with me! From the moment they chose me as their photographer, I knew it would be an unforgettable experience, and trust me, it exceeded all expectations.

The Pilgrims Rest Battle Wedding Photography

Picture a July day in the heart of Pilgrims Rest Battle, where the British weather decided to showcase its versatility—sunshine, wind, and a bit of rain. But guess what? It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, adding a delightful mix to our collection of images. Outdoors, indoors, under the sunshine, and in the rain, we captured it all :)

The Pilgrims Rest Battle Wedding Photography

The day unfolded with a perfect blend of joy and magic. Starting from the lively getting-ready moments with the guys watching cricket, through the relaxed and fun ceremony, the confetti-filled air, mouthwatering food, entertaining wedding games, and the stunning portraits that we managed to freeze in time. Let's not forget the cake-cutting and dancing that continued late into the night—it was nothing short of brilliant!

The Pilgrims Rest Battle Wedding Photography

Being a recommended photographer at this charming Sussex wedding venue fills me with pride. Pilgrims Rest Battle holds a special place in my heart, and I absolutely love photographing weddings there. The ambience is romantic, traditional, and incredibly charming. What makes it even better is the fantastic support from Waverley and Amy, who are always kind and helpful at every step of the wedding journey.

You can even check out my sample albums at the venue which I specifically curated for Pilgrims Rest Battle weddings!

The Pilgrims Rest​​​

A unique wedding venue with rustic charm

and historic soul

If you're dreaming of a romantic, traditional celebration, look no further. I'm here to capture your special day with the same passion and joy that made Madeline and Tom's wedding truly magical. Let's create memories together at Pilgrims Rest Battle!



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