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Want to include your dog at your wedding? Here are some tips.

If you are here, that means that you love dogs just as much as I do! I have 2 who I adore, and also, in my free time, I often do dog photography. So when it comes to dogs at weddings, you can say I have experience – both with my approach and ideas on how to make them feel comfortable. And let’s be honest, they are part of your family so naturally, you would want to include your furry buddy on your most important day. But how to make sure your dog is comfortable and enjoys the celebrations? Have a look at my 5 tips!

1. Take into consideration your dog’s personality

When you know their personality, it is easier to plan what would be fun for your dogs.

You know your dog best – would it enjoy meeting new people? How would it react? Does it have a character that requires more attention? Maybe it enjoys quiet spaces? There are a ton of questions to ask yourself during your wedding planning.

For example, it is not a wise idea to include dogs at weddings if they are shy. They may be overwhelmed and not comfortable at all! Also, if they are too enthusiastic, can you imagine the chaos? Running to catch them while they make a mess and jump all around. Of course, we don’t want that scenario either.

So there are lot of things to think of, but when you know their personality, it is easier to plan what would be fun for your dogs.

2. Entrust your dog to family members or friends

I am sure many people in your family or friends love your dog too, so why not ask several members to keep it occupied during some moments of your wedding? You wouldn’t want to worry about its well-being constantly – after all, this is your day and you need to enjoy it to the fullest! Have some friends keep your dog occupied during the group photos or intimate sessions.

3. Including dogs at weddings part-time

How about asking your dog walker to bring your fur babies only for just a couple of hours? You can get amazing wedding photos with dogs and not worry about them during the whole celebration.

4. Train your dog for the big day

Sure, your dog may be calm and everything but they may beg for food, or even steal from the tables! That might look sweet to some, but for most guests – it is an inconvenience. If you wish to have dogs at weddings in the UK, then you need to train them on how to greet new people, how to be still at the reception, and all the simple things.

5. Have a pre-wedding session
 with your dog

If you think that your dog wouldn’t feel comfortable among many people then I support you because you will put your dog’s well-being first!

Fear not, there is an alternative – pre-wedding photos with dogs. And I must say this is an amazing option as you will have intimate time with your fur baby. That means you get to have fun and completely unwind! What can be more enjoyable than spending happy time with your dog and having those memories framed?

I hope that you found my tips on including dogs at weddings helpful! If you wish to enquire about my wedding photography services, I am happy to answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to contact me!

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Wedding Venue: The Pilgrims Rest Battle

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Wedding Venue: South Lodge Hotel and Spa

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