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Want to include your dog at your wedding? Here are some tips.

Are you a proud dog parent thinking about including your furry friend in your special day? From wagging tails to adorable paw prints on the aisle, having your dog at your wedding can add an extra touch of love and joy. But before you say "I do" to your pup's participation, here are some tips to ensure everything goes smoothly:

Dogs at weddings the Rawenswood

1. Take into consideration your dog’s personality

When you know their personality, it is easier to plan what would be fun for your dogs.

You know your dog best – would it enjoy meeting new people? How would it react? Does it have a character that requires more attention? Maybe it enjoys quiet spaces? There are a ton of questions to ask yourself during your wedding planning.

While you may adore your dog's playful antics, consider whether they'll be comfortable and well-behaved in a bustling wedding environment. If your dog tends to get anxious or overly excited around crowds, it might be best to have them participate in a smaller role or opt for a professional dog handler.

Pilgrims Rest Wedding, dogs at wedding

2. Entrust your dog to family members or friends

I am sure many people in your family or friends love your dog too, so why not ask several members to keep it occupied during some moments of your wedding? You wouldn’t want to worry about its well-being constantly – after all, this is your day and you need to enjoy it to the fullest! Have some friends keep your dog occupied during the group photos or intimate sessions.

Dogs at weddings Ravenswood weddings

3. Including dogs at weddings part-time

How about asking your dog walker to bring your fur babies only for just a couple of hours? You can get amazing wedding photos with dogs and not worry about them during the whole celebration.

South Lodge Weddings, dogs at weddings

4. Train your dog for the big day

Conduct a rehearsal with your dog to familiarize them with their role and the wedding surroundings. Practice walking down the aisle, sitting quietly during the ceremony, and posing for photos. This will help alleviate any nerves and ensure your furry friend is prepared for their big moment.

Pilgrims Rest weddings Dogs at weddings

5. Have a pre-wedding session
 with your dog

If you think that your dog wouldn’t feel comfortable among many people then I support you because you will put your dog’s well-being first!

Fear not, there is an alternative – pre-wedding photos with dogs. And I must say this is an amazing option as you will have intimate time with your fur baby. That means you get to have fun and completely unwind! What can be more enjoyable than spending happy time with your dog and having those memories framed?

Engagement session with dogs

I hope that you found my tips on including dogs at weddings helpful! If you wish to enquire about my wedding photography services, I am happy to answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to contact me!



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