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Capturing Timeless Moments at Buxted Park Hotel: Abbie and Jason's Magical Wedding

Dive into the enchanting world of Abbie and Jason's wedding at the stunning Buxted Park Hotel in East Sussex! I've had the pleasure of capturing love stories at this picturesque venue multiple times, and each celebration is as unique as the couples themselves.

Buxted Park Hotel,

a Luxury Wedding Venue in East Sussex

The day unfolded with Abbie and Jason getting ready at the hotel, setting the stage for a day filled with love and laughter.

Abbie's special reveal to her bridesmaids added a touch of magic to the morning preparations, creating beautiful and candid moments.

Bride reveal to her bridesmaid at Buxted Park Hotel getting ready room

The ceremony took place on the majestic stairs, overlooking the Coat of Arms Lawns—an idyllic setting that added a touch of grandeur to their vows. The reception unfolded in the elegant Ball Room, where heartfelt speeches kicked off the celebration, followed by a delightful wedding breakfast.

After capturing a couple of stunning wedding photos, the party started! The night unfolded with the joyous moments of cake cutting and plenty of dancing.

Cake cutting at Buxted park Hotel wedding

What sets Buxted Park Hotel apart is not just its exquisite interiors but also the abundance of scenic locations for capturing stunning bride and groom portraits. We explored both indoor and outdoor settings, taking advantage of the hotel's timeless charm.

For couples seeking a wedding venue that effortlessly combines elegance with natural beauty, Buxted Park Hotel in East Sussex is undoubtedly a picture-perfect choice.

Go through the gallery to see the stunning couple and their celebration. If you’re yet to pick a wedding photographer. Send me a message, and let’s start planning!


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